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Consignment Stock For Vendor Managed Inventory

Consignment Stock is Vendor Managed Inventory of office products owned by Accolade kept in your premises for use when needed. In addition to the benefits of VMI, you gain interest free borrowing on the value of Accolade stock kept in your premises. Accolade match our E.I.S. Partners with clients wishing to use Consignment Stock VMI. Accolade EIS Partners are entitled to claim income tax relief, CGT Deferral, receive annual dividends and grow their investment. Accolade Partnership EIS received Revenue & Customs approval in 2003.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Never run out of anything...Ever ! Free...Online Stock Control from Accolade. Supplier Managed Inventory dramatically cuts your costs. No matter how well you buy, you'll save an extra 25%. Your unproductive overhead expenses drop by 90% and you'll have total control over consumables bought for your organisation. Department Usage Reporting reduces theft or 'unauthorised home use' from your office supplies storeroom. Every day, £ THOUSANDS are lost through pilferage of office products. Don't let YOUR printer cartridges be stolen and sold on EBay. An estimated 29% of such items on auction sites have been obtained illegally. EBay has >2,000 employees who investigate reports of stolen goods offered online.

How VMI works

Let us know your required levels for each product. Tell us about your departments and authorised buyers. We compile online requisiton forms for relevant staff to use. You receive a monthly report showing departmental product usage. Before any item runs low you'll be alerted and can choose when to re-order. Efficient ordering = less packaging, fewer deliveries so much less waste of resources. Budget Control has never been easier. You know who used what, when and how little it cost! Price Match always buy at the lowest online price. Price comparisons are made daily and our product range is updated monthly. Accolade works closely with manufacturers so you benefit from promotional discounts. Never run out of anything...Ever!. eco-friendly cartridges, stationery, printing, office furniture, kitchen and cleaning supplies. To order from Accolade, please create a Customer Profile to get a Username and Password.