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Enterprise Investment Scheme

Accolade E I S Plan. Revenue & Customs Approved for Income Tax Relief at Basic Rate 30%. Enterprise Investment Schemes are designed to encourage people to invest in small trading companies to bridge funding gaps which Banks may be unwilling to finance. With this approved Enterprise Investment Scheme investors subscribe for new shares in Accolade to receive income tax relief at 30% of amount invested. Scheme Reference EIS/98190 00432/SCEC has been approved and operating since 2003. Accolade has been continuously trading in Office Supplies, under the same ownership, since 1980.

Accolade Enterprise Investment Scheme

Accolade shares are currently valued at five pounds each. £5000 is our minimum investment; the current maximum is £50,000. Each £5,000 invested produces immediate income tax relief of £1500.. These shares can be sold free of capital gains tax when held for 3 years, provided that Accolade continues to qualify under the EIS scheme. People who have made capital gains elsewhere can use an investment in Accolade EIS shares to defer taxation of their gain until disposal of these shares. As an employee owned partnership, there is a strong incentive for Accolade staff to work efficiently, thereby earning dividends for payment to all shareholders. £500 per £5,000 share value is a target dividend for 2010 = 5% annual return on investment. Employee Incentive Schemes encourage Accolade staff to buy shares that become available when investors choose to realise their EIS assets after qualifying for tax incentives. Shares are also purchased by Accolade Franchisees as a condition of their license agreement.

For further details of the Accolade Enterprise Investment Scheme click E I S Prospectus. Please Contact Accolade about availability of this highly tax efficient investment opportunity.

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Accolade = Awards

Fit for Work Awards won for progressive employment policies such as Positive About Disabled People and Employee Share Ownership provided inspiration for the company to be named Accolade Partnership. Presented by the Prime Minister in 1984, the Fit for Work Award was followed by more accolades:- National Training Award -:- Arts Business Sponsorship Award -:- Good Practice Award. Guide Dogs for the Blind Association awarded Life Membership to our MD in 1989. This commitment to charitable causes continues with a cartridge re-cyclying programme:- Cash for Trash safeguards the environment whilst donating money to Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Short history of Accolade

Accolade was started on the proceeds of a bank robbery ! Our founder chased and captured an armed bank robber. Wisely he invested the reward money in office products for resale. Initially operating from a van, his business grew rapidly and profitably. Many employees recruited then are now Accolade Partnership shareholders. Customers have remained loyal for 30 years thanks to our low prices and superb service. Case Study for a customer endorsement of our Superb Service. Accolade offer Consignment Stock of office supplies for Vendor Managed Inventory systems. Fairtrade and Green Initiative items feature prominently in a range of more than 97,700 products.