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Love2Shop Vouchers... When You Buy Online

  • Your online orders qualify towards Love2Shop vouchers
  • The more products you buy - the more L2S vouchers we supply

Quick, Convenient Purchasing from Accolade WebShop

  • Secure payment by credit or debit card
  • Your individual User Account keeps track of all products you buy
  • Products are automatically added to your Shopping List
  • Review previous purchases via your Order History

Extra L2S Vouchers When Products are on Promotion

  • Manufacturers regularly offer Love2Shop vouchers
  • Get more L2S vouchers from Accolade's Vibes magazine

Double Discount… Registered Users Gain Even More

  • Love2Shop vouchers are issued throughout the year, depending on your spend
  • Many customers use Love2Shop vouchers as gifts to Staff who have had a baby
  • L2S vouchers make an ideal farewell present to a colleague reaching retirement
  • Or accessories for communal work areas, e.g. microwave ovens

Accolade - Employee Owned… So We Try Harder!

  • Accolade is owned by employees and partners... so you always get to speak with the Boss

Income Tax Refund… No Capital Gains Tax to Pay

  • £3,000 tax refund for every £10,000 invested
  • No Capital Gains Tax to pay on profits.
  • The links below provide information for investors wishing to use an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS).
  • To obtain a 30% income tax refund or for Capital Gains Tax relief: Accolade Enterprise Investment Plan enjoys Revenue & Customs approval, giving cash investors a tax efficient return on capital. Please ask for details of this Enterprise Investment Scheme